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Nobbys Lighthouse, Newcastle Beach

HESSD workshops bring together academia and industry, including system operators, designers, trainers and maintainers, in a format that has always fostered highly fruitful exchanges for practical and scientific progress.

5th International Workshop on
Human Error, Safety and Systems Development
17-18 June 2002

Noah's On The Beach

What is HESSD?

The Human Error, Safety and Systems Development Workshop (HESSD) is a workshop space focused on the specific exploration of human error as it occurs in risky operations including, but not limited to, aviation operations. The inaugural HESSD was held in Glasgow in 1998, and was followed by workshops in Seattle (1999), Liege (2000) and Linköping (2001).

It is important that industry and research continue to work together on understanding the interaction of static and dynamic elements of human error as they occur in increasingly complex and risky operations, eg. aviation, ocean oil drilling, underground mining, fire and explosion management, chemical hazards and so on. The HESSD workshops provide a dedicated space for the advancement of information across sectors for the benefit of all.

Program Committee :

Prof Peter Pfister

University of Newcastle

  Reet Kabi Lecturer Aviation
University of Newcastle
  Dr Sidney Dekker Linköping Institute of Technology Sweden
  René Amalberti IMASSA France
  Iain Macleod

Principal Consultant
Aerosystems International Ltd

  Kevin Corker Assoc Prof Indust & Systems Eng
San Jose State University USA
  Guy Boy Pres CEO European Institute of Cognitive
Sciences and Engineering, France
  Prof Beryl Hesketh Executive Dean
Faculty of Science, University of Sydney
  Kathy Abbott FAA USA
  Dr Graham Edkins Qantas Airways; Pres Aust Av Psych Assoc
  Dr Veronika Prinzo Human Factors Research
Civil Aerospace Medical Institute FAA USA
  Prof Michael Humphries Director Key Centre for Human Factors & Cognitive Psychology, University of Queensland

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